Google Fires 28 Employees Over Protests Against $1.2 Billion Israeli Contract

Google Fires 28 Employees Over Protests Against $1.2 Billion Israeli Contract

In a recent development, Google has terminated 28 employees who participated in a 10-hour sit-in protest at the company’s offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California. The protest was organized by pro-Palestinian staffers who were critical of Google’s business ties with the Israeli government. Let’s delve into the details of this incident.

The Sit-In Protest at Google

On Tuesday, a group of Google employees donned traditional Arab headscarves and stormed the office of a top executive in California. They occupied the space for 10 hours, demanding that Google sever its ties with the Israeli government. The protest extended to Google’s offices in New York and Seattle as part of what they called the “No Tech for Genocide Day of Action”.

The Termination

Following an internal investigation, Google’s vice president of global security, Chris Rackow, announced the termination of the 28 employees. In a companywide memo, Rackow stated that their behavior during the protest was “unacceptable, extremely disruptive, and made co-workers feel threatened.” He emphasized that such behavior violated multiple company policies, including the code of conduct, harassment policies, and workplace standards.

No Tech For Apartheid

The fired employees were affiliated with a group called “No Tech For Apartheid.” This organization has been critical of Google’s involvement in a $1.2 billion joint contract known as “Project Nimbus.” Under this contract, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services provide cloud-computing and artificial intelligence services to the Israeli government and military. Concerns were raised that this technology could be weaponized against Palestinians in Gaza.

Company Stance

Google’s response was firm. Rackow stated, “Behavior like this has no place in our workplace, and we will not tolerate it.” The company reiterated its commitment to enforcing policies against disruptive behavior, even if it meant terminating employees. The decision reflects Google’s stance on maintaining a respectful and professional work environment.

Impact and Controversy

The firings have sparked controversy within the company and beyond. Critics argue that employees should have the right to express their views and participate in peaceful protests. However, Google maintains that the disruptive nature of the sit-in crossed the line and warranted termination.


The incident highlights the delicate balance between employees’ rights to express their opinions and a company’s need to maintain order and productivity. As Google grapples with the aftermath of these terminations, it serves as a reminder that corporate decisions can have far-reaching consequences for both individuals and organizations

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